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Welcome to NCIX.ca.  We have connections to all the best deals on Computer Parts in Canada - including RAM, Graphics Cards, Gaming PCs, Hard Drives, SSDs, and we also sell household products of all shapes and sizes.  All-in-all we will connect you to buy just about everything there is!

Hey guys, What's with the website address? Don't you Sell electronics and other goods online?

Actually, yes, we do (sort of)!  With help from our affiliate partners, we can help set you up with all the top brands and hottest PC parts, TVs, Laptops, PCs, apparel, household goods, makeup and everything else that is sold online.  Check back often as we will always have the scoop on the latest GPUs, CPUs, APUs, Monitors, Laptops and much more!  But,

We are called Northern Canadian iTailer Xtreme

But that's a mouthful, so we shortened our URL to NCIX.ca. We are an internet-retailer and our goal is to connect you to a Canadian retail experience that will connect with you with the goods you need at Xtremely good prices!  

We primarily facilitate the sale computers, parts, beauty products, household goods, appliances and accessories in Canada, but we're branching out into other areas of i-tail as well.  check back often for access to more great sales!